Capalex Aluminium Extrusions

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We make many machined aluminium parts, here are a few of them.


90 Degree Gearbox Housing

90 degree reduction gearbox housing, Extrudeded and CNC machinedFull body Medical Scanner

These gearboxes are used to transfer power through 90 degrees. they come in all sizes, from small 10mm shafts to 100's of mm across.

Market sectors for these include.


Electronic Surveillance Equipment

CNC Machined parts used in hand held electronic surveillance equipment used for functions like drug sniffing

High speed machined aluminium parts used in the manufacture of portable electronc box surveillance equipment. Products like drug sniffers used by Police and Customs officials throughout the world.



Servo Motor Body

Small, tight tolerance High speed machined servo motor body, used in limb replacement operations

Several Small servo motor bodies, miniature electric motors used in the replacement of limbs for amputees.

These motors are very small, approx. 30mm x 13mm x 16mm. After extrusion, they are cut to lengh, and CNC machined to produce the indent inside for the motor fitment, along with several very small holes, some of them threaded. They are then satin etched and Anodised for a protective finish.
These very small ones will problably end up as part of finger replacements.



Emergency Portable Telescopic Light

CNC Machined, and black anodised section used in portable emergency lighting systems

A part of a telescopic portable emergency lighting system. CNC machined aluminium section, drilled and black satin anodised.