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Aluminium profile and section considerations as part of your product design.


Why Capalex?

If you are involved in design, research and development, prototyping and one-off projects that many aluminium extrusion producers either can’t or don’t meet, then Capalex should be your first choice. We are a specialist manufacturer of tight tolerance complex aluminium extrusions.

The vast majority of aluminium extruders insist on minimum orders of 250kg and typically offer a lead-time of six to eight weeks from the initial order of a new die. Capalex have no minimum or maximum order quantity and offer some of the best lead times in the aluminium extrusion sector.


Design Considerations

The use of aluminium extrusions and profiles are almost limitless, and can be adapted by shape and finish to be used in a variety of designs, an exciting concept for the creative designer.  There are some design considerations, which need to be accounted for when designing your extrusion, which can be seen in Aluminium Extrusion Design Considerations.



Our design department can work from a simple rough sketch to a complex electronic file.  We have the ability to read most file types including industry standard .dxf and .dwg files. These are used for both die design, and machine shop CAD/CAM.


Profile Thickness

Wall thickness can be as little as 0.5mm on flat dies and 0.7mm on hollow dies subject to design.  Capalex can offer design advice on extrusions featuring screw ports, clip features and other mating parts. We are always willing to consider complex customer sections and if necessary offer advice on changes to make sections more extrudable.

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Hollow Extrusion Die, used for making extrusions such as shower sections, or retail shop fittings
Flat Extrusion Die used to extrude simpler sections.