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The new Nordson powder coating reciprocates have now been installed and comissioned by the Nordson engineering team.

Powder coating Reciprocator

Training has been undertaken and completed and the reciprocators are now in full use.
Initial observations show that thickness variation of the coating, from top to bottom of the jig, has now been improved by approximatley 20% and the perceived visual surface finish quality improvement is also significant.


Our new long bed Elumatic 4 axis CNC machine is fully commissioned and in production. We can now offer complex machining on any aluminum extrusion up-to 7.6metre length at highly competitive rates in attractive lead-times. This compliments our existing extensive aluminum profile machining facilities which are detailed within our machining and fabrication section of our website. Combining with our on site extrusion presses and finishing facilities we can offer a fuller and more complete one-stop service.
More information on products that we have machined can be seen at our Components website.

Extruded Valve block, after an extensive CNC machined process - used in the recycling industry



Also for August, we have this month place and order with Nordson (UK) ltd. for a new set of HEN/HQA-02 electroic reciprocators with dual controller for the powder coating department. These have adjustable reciprocation speeds, as well as electronically adjustable top and bottom changeover points - greatly helping with reducing overspray of powder at the stroke extremes.
Reach is also adjustable, we can move the guns closer too, or further away from the target area, depending on the width of the metal, creating a more consisten distance from job to job and section to section.
Finally, they also have internal counter balances to smooth out movement and increase consistency of powder spray.
All this helps ensure more consistent use of powder and hence better and more consistent surface finish.
Due for delivery in September.



Just a reminder that, as ever, Capalex will be open as normal during the summer shutdown period.



Capalex have ordered an Elumatec Aluminium Profile Machining Centre, model SBZ 140. Unlike normal CNC machines, this one has a 7.6 Metre bed, capable of working long sections.

It is expected to be up and running by early or mid June.

Elumatec SBZ 140, ideal for longer extruded sections like Escalators, Exhibition Stands, greenhouses, even Hang Glider spars and parts




New HAAS VF-4D SE CNC machine ordered in January is now fitted and in production.

HAAS VF-4D SE. A little larger than some machines, ideal for Aircraft interior parts, seating, fencing, gaming machines etc.

The first orders came off the machine in the middle of February.


Due to increasing orders from the Aerospace sector, Capalex have ordered another new HAAS vertical CNC milling machine.

The VF-4D SE unit with 1270mm x 508mm x 635mm XYZ travels, will compliment the existing suite of 6 CNC machines in the companies Fabrication & Machine shop.

The machine comes complete with 4th axis machining capability.
Details can be found here, on the HAAS website.


Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions