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Capalex will be closed for the holiday period from lunch time Friday 21st December and reopens on Wednesday 2nd January 2013



This month saw the culmination of two years work developing our AS9100 C system. The audit has now successfully taken place and we await our certificate from SGS.
This will allow us to expand deeper into the Aerospace machined aluminium sector.


Capalex now provide web access for mobile devices, via our site, or via this QR code:

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The Quantum III CMM machine ordered last month has now been installed and calibrated. Additionally 4 members of staff, primarily from the QC and Machining departments, have been trained up and certified with the machine.
This allows us to accurately inspect our precision machined parts, which is increasingly expected in the sub contracting markets.

Cmm in use

Our Quality Co-Ordinator, working on a First Article Inspection report for a CNC machined aluminium extrusion.



The specifications for a new recut saw are being drawn up by the Production and Engineering teams.
This is a replacement for an older saw, and will provide us with enhanced cutting accuracy as well as an improved quality of cut.



Capalex is expanding their Inspection capability with the introduction of a Coordinate Measuring Machine, a CMM. This enables accurate measurement of precision machined surfaces on the aluminium parts and extrusions we CNC Machine.

Coordinate Measuring Machine - Quantum III

A Quantum III



Just a reminder that, as ever, Capalex will be open as normal during the summer shutdown period.


Capalex Creates a Facebook page, to make it easier to find us and for us to showcase more pictures and information about what we do.
Find us at


Our ISO ISO9001:2008 audit has just been successfully completed. We are still progressing in our AS9100C certification.


The HAAs VF-4 machine is now installed and commissioned.


Another new Haas CNC machine has been ordered, this time a VF-4 with 4th axis capability.
This is replacing two other old machines that are being retired, due to the new VF-4 being approximately 20% quicker than the other two added together as well as having the extra 4th axis capability.
This is as a direct result of the increase in trends towards longer machined components of 1-2m long.


Improving energy efficiency, by approximately 20%, reducing our carbon footprint, and enhancing the comfort of the staff, we have recently re-roofed the main office block, and fitted thermal double glazing windows.

Further work in the reception and foyer areas, is planned for later in the year.

Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions