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Christmas shutdown this year is from Tuesday 23rd Dec. We re-open on Monday 5th Jan 2015.

HAAS ST-20TY delivered and installed this month.


New HAAS turning centre ordered. ST-20TY


We have extended our assembly area to now include extra workstations. Adjacent to this, we now have an enhanced test preparation area.


The 2 HAAS VF4 CNC machines ordered in June have now been installed and commissioned.

HAAS VF4 CNC machines


We are now into the second month of our three months summer maintenance and refurbishment programme. This includes the billet oven on the new Direct 850 tonne aluminium extrusion press. This work is planned around our normal production schedule so there is no significant loss to production.
Similar work will be carried out on our other presses over the coming months.


More expansion taking place in Fabrication and Machining with the acquisition of 2 more larger CNC machines. This further enhances our capabilities due to increasing demand.
Delivery is due July/August.

Capalex's year end stocktake will take place from Monday night, 30th June.


Age Oven Upgrades

Control system upgrades, including temperature monitoring and recording enhancements.

LCD Screen readout of Aluminium Extrusion age oven monitor


New Extrusion Press

Operator training is now complete and the press is in full production.

The press has been designed to be compatible with existing dies. The die stack is also designed to take a newer, larger style of die, some of which are already in use from new customer orders.

This both increases the size of extrusions we can do, and the direct extrusion process also compliments our current indirect extrusion.


850MT Direct Aluminium Extrusion Press - Front view
Rear view - Loader system and container.


850MT Direct Aluminium Extrusion Press - Rear View
Front view of Crosshead and Die slide.


New Extrusion Press

Installation of the new press began early January by our own team of engineers and the press was comissioned later that month by the manufacturers engineers. The press began production on the 27th.

Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions