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Christmas shutdown this year is from Wednesday 23rd December. We re-open on Monday 4th January 2016.


As part of our ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of the aluminium extrusion market, Capalex has invested in additional machining equipment. In order to satisfy the increasing demand from our customers for longer extrusion components, Capalex has purchased a new Haas VF­9 vertical machining centre.

The VF­9 offers a high degree of ruggedness and reliability, whilst at the same time being able to machine products to a high level of accuracy, precision, and consistency. The VF­9 features a 40 taper cartridge spindle powered by a 30hp vector Dual­Drive. The larger size of the VF­9 will give us the ability to produce parts that require multiple operations on our current machines in a single run.

This allows us to produce complex components in less time than we could previously, and also frees up our current machines allowing us to machine more components at any given time.



Capalex is constantly striving to deliver the highest quality extrusion solutions for our clients. In order to achieve this it is vital that we stay up to date with the latest technology and equipment in the industry. With this in mind, Capalex has recently invested in a new DG 244 double mitre saw.

As our client base has expanded, so too has the demand for aluminium profile sections requiring mitred ends. The increased production capacity of this new saw ensures that we can continue to deliver high value to our clients, and not compromise our lead times despite the increase in demand.

The new saw features larger 550mm diameter saw blades that operate at 2,250rpm. These blades increase the saw's cutting capacity and are flexible enough to cut pieces of almost all angles thanks to the universal pivoting and tilting of both saw heads.



The high quality of our products is at the core of everything we do at Capalex, and is something we rigorously monitor to ensure we remain at the forefront of the Aluminium extrusion industry. A vital aspect of this process is our inspection and quality assurance measures, which ensure all our products are in prime condition before being delivered.

As our operations have expanded, so too has the pressure on our current inspection methods to maintain our high standards. To alleviate this, Capalex has redesigned the layout of its manufacturing floor; which has allowed us to expand and further improve our inspection and quality assurance area.

The new floor layout has also allowed us to improve the efficiency of the work­flow through our extrusion, machining, fabrication, powder coating and packaging services.

This will translate into quicker lead times, thus providing more value for our clients.



We have continued our recent investment in our manufacturing machinery this month. In order to satisfy every customer requirement from basic profiles to complex machined parts, Capalex has purchased a new Haas ST­20Y CNC turning centre.

The ST­20Y is a state of the art piece of equipment, able to machine and mill products to a high level of accuracy, precision, and consistency. The ST­20Y features a 12 station hybrid BOT/VDI multi­tool turret, allowing it to perform multiple operations on a product in one automated run, without the need to pause the process and change machines/tools.

This allows us to turn and mill highly complex machined components in less time than we could previously, whilst also allowing us to increase the work­flow through our current machines, increasing our overall throughput.

You can see the capabilities of the ST­20Y in the video below:

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